DOWNLOAD ALL OF ISSUE (Total 111 Pages) "UEFA-TFF Coaching Convention" Investigation in Terms of Variations of Some Football Coach Trainer Education Area Wıthin The Framework of The Job Satisfaction (Page 1 - 16) RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SELF-EFFICACY PERCEPTION OF VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS AND THEIR COMMUNACATION SKILLS (Page 17 - 25) THE EFFECTS OF AEROBIC FATIGUE ON DYNAMIC BALANCE ABILITY IN SOCCER PLAYERS (Page 26 - 34) AN EXAMİNATİON OF THE PROBLEM SOLVİNG SKİLLS OF UNİVERSİTY STUDENTS ACCORDİNG TO SEVERAL VARİABLES THAT ARE RELATED TO SPORTS (Page 35 - 46) THIRD ZONE ATTACKING ORGANIZATION ANALYSIS OF EUROPEAN FOOTBALL LEAGUES (Page 47 - 58) Organızed Physıcal Educatıon And Sport Teachers Investıgatıon Of Socıalızatıon Levels (Page 59 - 74) Examining life satisfaction, organizational commitment and job satisfaction levels of the employed individuals with physical disabilities (Page 75 - 86) TRADITIONAL MOTIVES IN TURKISH FILM MUSICS - THE CASE OF CAHİT BERKAY - (Page 87 - 103) Examination of Attidues of Middle School Students Towards Physical Education Lesson Accordıng To Gender And Class Variables (Burdur Example) (Page 104 - 111)