DOWNLOAD ALL OF ISSUE (Total 156 Pages) RESEARCH OF THE EFFECT OF 8-WEEK SWIMMING TRAINING ON THE FLAMİNGO BALANCE PERFORMANCE IN ATHLETES 9-12 AGED (Page 1 - 8) Today's Music Applications in Turkey (Page 9 - 21) Social Benefits of Participation in Sportive Actıvities in Children With Mental Disabilities (Page 22 - 30) Bireysel Ve Takım Sporcularının Fair Play Ve Spor Ortamında Empati İlişkisinin İncelenmesi (Page 31 - 42) A STUDY FOR MEASUREMENT OF DOPING INFORMATION LEVEL IN SPORTS TRAINING CENTER AND TOHM SPORTS (Page 43 - 55) Investigation of Mental Resistance in Individual and Team Athletes (Siirt, Batman Mardin Artuklu University Case) (Page 56 - 65) The Effects of Plyometrıc Exercıse of Young Soccer Players' to Combat Power and Aggressıveness (Page 66 - 71) ASSESSMENT OF PHYSİCAL ACTİVİTY AND NUTRİTİON HABİTS OF UNİVERSİTY STUDENTS (Page 72 - 77) Investıgatıon Of In-Team Communıcatıon Levels Of Athletes Playıng In School Teams (Page 78 - 85) The Preferences of Participate in Recreative Activities of Students at The University (A Literature Review) (Page 86 - 95) Investigation of The Reasons of Participation in The Leisure Time Activities of The Students of The School of Health Sciences (Page 96 - 99) Evaluation of the Existing Knowledge of Hospital Technician Candidates About Nosocomial Infections (Page 100 - 119) Causes of Participation in Leisure Activities of People (Page 120 - 127) Sound Design In The Context Of Scene Techniques In Scene Arts (Page 128 - 138) RECOMMENDATION OF AN ISPARTA TURKISH FOLK SONG ADAPTED FOR THE VIOLIN WITH THE APPROACH TO THE "SURVEY ANALYSIS" AND REMAINING THE TECHNICAL CHALLENGES CONTAINED (Page 139 - 156)
DOWNLOAD ALL OF ISSUE (Total 88 Pages) RESEARCH OF THE SATISFACTION LEVELS OF YOUNG NATIONAL ATHLETES (Page 1 - 7) Health Problems Accompanıed by Motionless Lifestyle (Page 8 - 15) Input-Output Analysis on Agriculture Sector in Turkey: WIOD (2000 -2014) (Page 16 - 22) Evaluation of Smoking Prevalence of High School's Student in Turkey (Page 23 - 31) Investigation of The Attitudes of Secondary School Students About Physical Education (Page 32 - 42) Evaluatıon of The Sıtuatıon of Young Indıvıduals Partıcıpatıon in Sportıve Recreatıve Events in Turkey (Page 43 - 51) Investıgatıon Of The Relatıonshıp Between Stress Dealıng Methods Of Physıcal Educatıon And Sport School Students And Lıfe Satısfactıon Levels (Page 52 - 60) Investigation Of The Trait Anger And Anger Style Of The Athletes In University Sport Teams According To The Sport Branch Variable (Page 61 - 67) Investıgatıon Of Learnıng Resourcefulness Levels Of Physıcal Educatıon And Sport School Students Accordıng To Some Varıables (Page 68 - 75) Evaluation of Psychological Benefits of Participation in Recreative Activities (Page 76 - 83) Investigation of Leisure Barriers of Students of The Faculty of Health Sciences (Page 84 - 88)
DOWNLOAD ALL OF ISSUE (Total 111 Pages) "UEFA-TFF Coaching Convention" Investigation in Terms of Variations of Some Football Coach Trainer Education Area Wıthin The Framework of The Job Satisfaction (Page 1 - 16) RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SELF-EFFICACY PERCEPTION OF VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS AND THEIR COMMUNACATION SKILLS (Page 17 - 25) THE EFFECTS OF AEROBIC FATIGUE ON DYNAMIC BALANCE ABILITY IN SOCCER PLAYERS (Page 26 - 34) AN EXAMİNATİON OF THE PROBLEM SOLVİNG SKİLLS OF UNİVERSİTY STUDENTS ACCORDİNG TO SEVERAL VARİABLES THAT ARE RELATED TO SPORTS (Page 35 - 46) THIRD ZONE ATTACKING ORGANIZATION ANALYSIS OF EUROPEAN FOOTBALL LEAGUES (Page 47 - 58) Organızed Physıcal Educatıon And Sport Teachers Investıgatıon Of Socıalızatıon Levels (Page 59 - 74) Examining life satisfaction, organizational commitment and job satisfaction levels of the employed individuals with physical disabilities (Page 75 - 86) TRADITIONAL MOTIVES IN TURKISH FILM MUSICS - THE CASE OF CAHİT BERKAY - (Page 87 - 103) Examination of Attidues of Middle School Students Towards Physical Education Lesson Accordıng To Gender And Class Variables (Burdur Example) (Page 104 - 111)