Journal Of International Multidisciplinary Academic Researches entered into the life in 2014.It is published electronically in May, August and December ,three times a year.Base fields of the journal are educational sciences,social sciences,health sciences and sport sciences. Original articles, collections, book sections and case reports can be sent to the journal for publication. Academic studies accepted for the publication on the articles are published on the journal website electronically. Academic studies sent to the journal are directed to the specialist referees after it was certifiec by the editor. Each academic study is subjected to at least two referee assessments. When the editor finds the evaluation of the study necessary, he can send the study to referees more than two. However, under all circumstances, both the editor and the other managing bodies of the articles can not give priority to any article to be published on the journal. Furthermore,while every academic study is directed to the referees interested in the topic, the editor or managing bodies of the journal can’t have any effect on the decisions of the referees.


In this day and time, particulary academicians and other scientists doing academic researches say that the most common difficulty they encountered during their researches was that the academic studies had been subjected to long assessment process. Our journal displays the necessary sensitivity in order to clear the problems and provide the academic studies with results as soon as possible. Additionally, our journal is scanned in the folowing indexes and lists.



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